SAP Insights Replaces Digitalist Magazine

Digitalist Magazine

On Monday, June 15, SAP launched SAP Insights ( – a new website for senior executives and organizational leaders that provides unique and informed points of view that will grow understanding of complex topics and inform decisions.

Although the current Digitalist Magazine remains live, new content will no longer be published to the website. Previously published content will remain available on the archived site (i.e., bookmarked links will still work) or be redirected as appropriate to the new SAP Insights site. The Digitalist Magazine newsletter will also be retired. If you wish to receive the new SAP Insights newsletter please sign-up for it here.

Digitalist Magazine editors and contributors greatly appreciate your readership over the years. We are certain that you’ll find value from the content on the new SAP Insights website, where articles will cover not only what is coming next in digital business, but also what to do about it. Data-driven research will be combined with knowledge from experts and leading thinkers from around the world. The results of this collaboration are new ideas and proven practices that improve the way organizations run.

SAP Insights includes content related to three areas:

  • Research
    Original studies focusing on major issues and emerging trends relevant to the c-suite.
  • Articles
    In-depth articles diving deep into business and tech topics.
  • Fundamentals
    Long-form content that includes explanations of technologies, processes, and techniques to equip executives for decision making.

Please visit the new SAP Insights website at