Top 5 CRM Apps for iPad

Alexander Roth

From simple facts and figures, to comprehensive data management and transformation, CRM apps keep sales employees up-to-date while in the field. These are our top 5 picks.

Top 5 CRM Apps for iPad

See the most important customer information at a glance, up-to-date, and synced with the backend system even while on the go. That is exactly what some of the current business apps for customer relationship management (CRM) make possible. Newcomers and classics alike – we present our top 5 picks.


CRM Mate for iPad

Customer management without the marathon implementation

Computer-supported CRM has traditionally been carried out using comprehensive software systems based on databases. This involves elaborate implementation projects and lengthy trainings. The CRM Mate app for the iPad works completely differently. Immediately after downloading the app from Apple’s App Store – at a price of $9.99 – users can manage customer and contact information as well as sales prospects and business transactions. They also can get an overview of any outstanding tasks and see the current status of existing sales projects. It is even possible to check details in a graphical overview, using just two fingers to zoom into the relevant information. Customer records are depicted as files in a bookcase, making it easy to keep information organized. Pulling up the correct file is a cinch; users simply use the search function.

For those that want an easy CRM tool to use while on the go, but don’t want to give up on backend functionality, CRM Mate offers the possibility to integrate with standard CRM software using preconfigured interfaces. SAP solutions as well as CAS solutions are supported. More information is available in the App Store.


iNotes CRM

Concentrated on the most important information

There is a long history of mobile CRM clients for sales employees in the field. Nevertheless, these clients are often found wanting, not only when it comes to practical features like the lightness of the device, but even more so when it comes to intuitive user interfaces. Modern apps like iNotes CRM work under the motto “less is more”. The spectrum of services is restricted to mobile documentation of work reports and customer contacts.

For detailed work reports, users can capture the most important data with iNotes CRM, such as the start and end of a project, type of activity, status, cost for labor and materials, contacts, signatures, photos, audio recordings, and documents. The app supports fast and easy management of customer contacts with a clear input screen for dates, descriptions, notes, people, and status. Users can printo out the data sets and documents as PDF files or send them via e-mail. They can also customize the headers and footers in the documents with their own text and graphics.

iNotes CRM is based on the note management app, iNotes, and includes the app’s complete range of services for creating and managing text and audio notes on a tablet. iNotes CRM is also available for the iPhone, and, for version 1.3.0 or higher, it includes a connection to Dropbox for data exchange between multiple devices. Thus, users can easily capture important customer information on their smartphone when they bump into a customer or prospect at the gym or airport, and edit the details later on their tablet. The app costs $3.99. More information can be found in the App Store.


moTrade – Mobile order reporting

Retail specialist

An iPad app geared especially towards the field service workers of retail companies? That’s exactly what the moTrade app from mobile only SI GmbH delivers. This app supports the presentation of products, records orders, and enables access to current customer and prospective customer information. Together with the fee-based moTrade communications server, the free app displays product photos, orders, and customer addresses from the company’s ERP system on the iPad. At the same time, it enables order creation and management. The necessary server software from moTrade connects with a number of IT systems, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics (Navision), Mesonic WinLine, Sage OfficeLine, and iFax. Since the data created in the app is saved on the iPad, a permanent internet connection isn’t necessary.

A multi-level selection and sortingconcept ensures quick location of individual articles – even when dealing with a large assortment. Users can define customer specific conditions and graduated pricing for automatic sorting. Customers can even sign the final order directly on the tablet.

A test version of the moTrade app is available in the App Store at no cost. Interested users can try it out using a synchronized server wtih a demo database.


update CRMpad

Accessible even when offline

Even today, sales employees who work in the field don’t always have an Internet connection. And wireless Internet isn’t always available. The developers of update CRMpad saw the need for a CRM app that can also be used offline. In online-mode, the app connects directly to the user’s CRM system. Users receive a clear dashboard with customer visits, tasks, and the most important customers. In online- as well as offline-mode, they can also carry out processes, such as customer data management, contact and lead management, task editing, and order management. In their day-to-day work, users are likely to enjoy the simple and efficient quick capturing of order items as well as the GPS and maps support for customer visits.

The use of CRM with the “mobile services” module is required for the app. Interested users can test the most important functions of the app in a demo. More information is available in the App Store or under


Audius dashface

Visualize diverse processes

An app that is easy to use on a tablet often means that it is extremely standardized and restricted to the basic functions. But CRM functions are exactly where many businesses rely on individualized processes, and these are nearly impossible to carry out with standard apps. This is where audius dashface comes in – for both iPad and Android users. It works independently of backend software. With this, sales employees are able to create and work on even complex customer contracts in their company’s CRM system, all from their tablet. The solution comprises the compenents “Configuration Manager”, “Information Broker”, and “Client Rendering Engine” – these provide for a flexible connection between the mobile client and the company’s backend software system via broad interfaces.

With the Configuration Manager, users can prepare and choose content for presentation and transformation in the app. Thus, companies can create their own additional apps for user and office data, sales figures, current customer information, contact reports, or service calls, and make these available to their sales force. The establishment of these processes is designed to be quite intuitive.

The Information Broker, in comparison, delivers very simple, “naked” information from the backend to the client, and vice versa. The Client Rendering Engine makes it possible to display this data in the form that is best suited to each use.

The cost of the solution depends on the number of users. More information and demo apps can be found in the App Store or on Google Play.