Top 50 #Mobile Twitter Influencers

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We are aimed at becoming an authority on business innovation and want to help you identify the top influencers so you can follow the latest trends, news and opinions of these influencers in the field of Mobile.

We previously posted the Top 50 Big Data Twitter Influencers, Top 50 Cloud Computing Twitter Influencers, and Top 50 Analytics Twitter Influencers. Here is the list of Top 50 Mobile Influencers on Twitter.

Note: Analytics Twitter influencers were determined based on tweeted topics, influence as measured by Klout, number of followers, and number of tweets. Below are the “top” influencers at this time based on the combination of factors.

@gigaommobile – GigaOM Mobile
GigaOMMobile breaks @GigOM news on everything mobile: gadgets, trends, emerging technologies and the companies that power them.
San Francisco, CA ·
Klout – 50

@PaladorBenjamin – Benjamin Robbins
Enterprise Mobility – Interested in BYOD, Cloud, CoIT, and Productivity. – Seattle ·
Klout – 55

@ericylai – Eric Y Lai
I report on and analyze the evolution of enterprise mobility for ZDNet, Forbes and elsewhere. My views do not necessarily represent my employer, Sybase/SAP. 94568 ·
Klout – 51

@ppk – Peter Paul Koch
Mobile platform strategist | consultant | writer | conference organiser and speaker | blogger | trainer | browser compatibility expert
Amsterdam, Netherlands ·
Klout – 54

@firt – Maximiliano Firtman
mobile + web developer. author + speaker + trainer. Forum Nokia Champion & Adobe Community Champion. Author of Programming the Mobile Web, from O’Reilly. HSS.
Argentina ·
Klout – 53

@torgo – Daniel Appelquist
American expat; Londoner; cyclist; parent; @BlueVia head of product; Web standards advocate; @MoMoLondon, Mobile2.0, @overtheair founder; organizer; instigator. – London ·
Klout – 54

@mtrends – Rudy De Waele
Entrepreneur, Mobile Strategist, Business Angel, Speaker. Co-founder, AppCircus, Mobile Premier Awards, Mobile 2.0 Europe, MobileMonday Spain – iPhone: 41.401575,2.166520 ·
Klout – 46

@kiwanja – Ken Banks
Mobile technologist. Anthropologist. Conservationist | Tech Awards Laureate. Nat Geo Emerging Explorer | Founder: @FrontlineSMS @MeansofExchange – Rural Cambridgeshire, UK ·
Klout – 57

@russellbuckley – Russell Buckley
Mobsesssed, blogger, Angel Investor, Advisor, Speaker, Singularitarian and Seeker of the New New – London ·
Klout – 53

@eortiz – Enrique Ortiz
Mobilist, for fun & profit. Austin, TX. – Austin, Texas ·
Klout – 24

@jamespearce – James Pearce
Head of Mobile Developer Relations @ Facebook – Palo Alto, and airports ·
Klout – 52

@lukew – Luke Wroblewski
Digital product design & strategy guy in Silicon Valley, CA. Known for Mobile First, Bagcheck, Web Form Design, & more… Silicon Valley, CA + the Web ·
Klout – 63

@grigs – Jason Grigsby
Mobile Web Strategist, Co-Founder of and, Co-Author of Head First Mobile Web – Portland, Oregon ·
Klout – 54

@hollobit – Jonathan Jeon
Mobile 2.0, mobileOK, Mobile Services, WebOS, Augmented Reality, Social Web & Future Web, Web Application & Web App Store, Web Standardization – Daejeon, Korea ·
Klout – 47

@jorabin – Jo Rabin
London based mobile CTO, consultant and co-organiser of @momolondon – London
Klout – 40

@edent – Terence Eden
I make the interwebs go mobiletastic! I’m a long haired geek: Dr Who, Star Wars, Ubuntu. Developer for @Dabr @QRpedia. All tweets personal & © – London, UK ·
Klout – 38

@jeffsonstein – Jeff Sonstein
IT prof @ RIT, mobile tech junkie, old hacker. This is my personal account, & does not reflect the views of my employer… honest. Rochester, NY 14620 ·
Klout – 42

@robinberjon – Robin Berjon
Web Standards, Politics 2.0, Rogue Freelance Agent – Paris ·
Klout – 54

@stephanierieger – Stephanie Rieger
Designer, writer, book lover and closet anthropologist. Mostly focused on the mobile web. Mostly based in Edinburgh. – 80% Edinburgh, 20% Bangkok ·
Klout – 49

@ricwrite – Richard MacManus
Founder & Editor-in-Chief of This is Richard’s personal Twitter a/c. You can also follow the professional Richard (and his team mates) @RWW. – Petone, New Zealand ·
Klout – 64

@sarahintampa – Sarah Perez
Blogger at TechCrunch. Google Voice: (813) 377-2545 / Email: sarahp AT TechCrunch / Skype: sarahintampa / Mailing: – Tampa, FL ·
Klout – 70

@brianleroux – xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq
I’m a free/open source software developer at Adobe, formerly of Nitobi, working on PhoneGap, XUI, Lawnchair and WTFJS. – iPhone: 49.276150,-123.126800 ·
Klout – 58

@fling – Brian Fling
creative director at @pinchzoom, author of @oreillymedia Mobile Design & Development, father of @pennyfling – Seattle, USA ·
Klout – 42

@miker – Mike Rowehl
16th level Hacker – San Francisco, CA ·
Klout – 39

@AjitJaokar – Ajit Jaokar
Open systems, Open Gardens, Transhumanism, Meditation, Mobile, Networks, Publishing, Research ·
Klout – 56

@beep – Ethan Marcotte
Designer, developer. Started that whole “responsive web design” thing. – Cambridge, MA ·
Klout – 61

@bmkatz – Brian Katz
Head of mobility engineering, Former server, system, & email architect. Cloud. Footy Fan, family man & photographer. opinions are my own. New Jersey ·
Klout – 58

@scottjehl – Scott Jehl
Web designer. Filament Grouper. jQuery Mobiler. Co-author of Designing with Progressive Enhancement. Reluctantly tweeting a bit more lately… Sri Lanka ·
Klout – 48

@dalmaer – Dion Almaer
technologist and human dev aggregator – Palo Alto, CA ·
Klout – 54

@robinjewsbury – Robin Jewsbury
Founder of, the world’s biggest App Factory and Co-Founder of, creating promotion content portals for mobile carriers. – London ·
Klout – 24

@dontcallmedom – Dom Hazael-Massieux
W3C Staff, French, working on new gen of Web technologies and doing Software development; co-author of “Relever le défi du Web mobile” – France ·
Klout – 42

@EricssonLabs – Tor Bjorn Minde
Open innovation, APIs, New tech, Mobile apps, Content, Communication, Maps, 3D, Location, NFC, Sensors, Web tech, HTML5, Graphics, Machine learning, Security – Stockholm Sweden ·
Klout – 51

@mobileweb_tech – Mobile Web Tech
Ecommerce UI and Mobile Web News and Reports
Klout – 20

@Mobi_Enterprise – Mobile Enterprise
Mobile Enterprise magazine provides enterprise field IT managers and executives with insights into mobile technology products and trends. ·
Klout – 34

@inmobi – InMobi
InMobi is the largest independent mobile advertising network with offices on five continents. – Bangalore ·
Klout – N/A

@mobidaily – MobiDaily
The first social media based publisher for the mobile and wireless business. Mobile is changing all we do. Now we are changing the way you get news! – San Francisco ·
Klout – 38

@tgruber – Tamara Gruber
Marketing consultant and advisor for tech and mobile startups | Mom, foodie, and avid reader – Rhode Island ·
Klout – 49

@dailymobilenews – Daily Mobile News
Mobile news from Nokia, iPhone, Sony Ericsson, Htc, LG, Samsung, Nexus One, Motorola, BlackBerry, Palm, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile – Global ·
Klout – 42

@OTGGamer – Brett Nolan
Husband, Dad & Founder of, a website which brings you the latest news, previews and reviews of apps & games for your iDevice + daily free apps! Massachusetts ·
Klout – 47

@LBSZone – Mobile LBS Tech news
We’re a leading resource for LBS, location technologies, social location, GPS, and basically anything to do with Geo and sharing location – North America ·
Klout – 28

@PhoneDog_Aaron – Aaron Baker
Editor-in-Chief of PhoneDog Media. I produce YouTube videos about phones and talk about phones on the news from time to time. I like phones – Charlotte, NC ·
Klout – 59

@Cisco_Mobility – Cisco Mobility
The official home of Cisco wireless LAN products. Join the Wi-Fi discussion. Your host is @GregoryBar. We are on FB too: – 802.11 spectrum ·
Klout – 51

@Cisco_Mobile – Todd Smith
Tweeting about mobile.  I like meeting new people, feel free to contact me.
Klout – 46

@SAPMobile – SAP Mobile
Official SAP® Mobile Twitter channel – Global ·
Klout – 46

@RWong – Rich P Wong
Partner @Accel_Partners & investor in Angry Birds, Atlassian, Admob, Fidelis, MoPub, SunRun, etc – – Palo Alto ·
Klout – N/A

@androidguys –
Your trusted source for Android news and opinion since November 5, 2007. ·
Klout – 53

@clesucr – C. Suter Crazzolara
IndustryLead for #EnterpriseMobility at #SAP. Hobbies: anything science, mostly biology. Married, two sons, one dog. Tweets are my opinions, not my employer’s.
Walldorf, Germany ·
Klout – 17

@chucksacco – Chuck Sacco
Be versatile, be valuable / Pres Mobile Monday Mid-Atl. @momo_ma / VP @Movitas / Co-founder PhindMe / Teach @Lebow / Fortune article
Philadelphia, PA ·
Klout – 36

@krbenedict – Kevin Benedict
Enterprise Mobility Analyst, Mobile Strategies Consultant, Writer, Speaker and SAP Mentor. Join Linkedin group SAP Enterprise Mobility.
Boise ·
Klout – 36

@MaribelLopez – Maribel Lopez
The principal Analyst of Lopez Research, which is researching how mobile technologies and contextual services change the world.
San Francisco, CA, USA –
Klout – 50

@mobilefuture – Mobile Future
Broad-based coalition interested in advancing an environment that continues the wireless revolution. Watch our Mobile Year in Review
Washington, DC ·
Klout – 36

@mobileindustry – Mobile Industry Review
News and perspective for 250,000 mobile industry executives. Say hello! Do follow our editor @ew4n too. London, Baby ·
Klout – 37

@AppStore – App Store
Follow us for official App Store tweets including our featured apps, exclusive offers, and more. Cupertino, CA
Klout – 83

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