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CFO gives business leaders real-time strategic insights into business operations during a meeting

Cloud-Based Analytics: A Business Case For CFOs

5-Dec-2019 | Christian Brandl and Seda Agasarjan

With cloud-based analytics, the CFO becomes the enterprise's core player in providing real-time strategic insights into business operations.

Business travelers checks in at a registration desk at a hotel lobby

How Automated Expense Management Frees Finance To Focus On What Matters Most

13-Nov-2019 | Jennifer Rodriguez

Manual processes are costly and inefficient at any scale, not just for big businesses. But these four things may be holding SMBs back from automation success.

Man uses mobile spen management app while having coffee at a coffee shop

Attain Desired Business Outcomes With Intelligent Spend Management

6-Nov-2019 | Serge Kogan

Best practices associated with intelligent spend management help organizations improve business outcomes across multiple departments and roles.

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