Why the Cloud Helps to Overcome Security Concerns

Sven Denecken

security in the cloudsThe current heated discussion about security and cloud reminds me of an interesting recent survey on cloud computing from Saugatuck Research. Not much has changed when it comes to customers and the way the cloud is perceived. Security was and is top of mind for everyone.

Rightfully so, I agree with Saugatuck´s latest research.

Saugatuck believes that the reality of cloud IT is the reverse of popular thought

They believe that “the growing prevalence of cloud IT use, including communication and interaction throughout multiple ‘Internets of things,’ can deliver vastly improved security that reduces the risk of data loss and system breaches by improving the ability to secure, monitor, and manage devices and software.”

chart of top security concerns

Read the detailed research in last week’s Saugatuck Research Alert, they outlined how buyer concerns regarding Cloud have changed – and not changed – over the years.

I agree especially with the following conclusion:

As we noted in last week’s Research Alert (and in previous research published for our subscription clients), “the” great misconception about Cloud, especially public Cloud-based IT services, is that they are less secure than other IT provision alternatives. We find this perception widespread, and typically wrong. The data centers and networks built for Cloud platforms and service delivery tend to be architected with much greater reliability and security than most on-premises data centers, in part because the entire data center is architected and built with uniform technologies and implementations of those technologies.”

Security is top of mind for customers, ensuring that cloud computing vendors need to invest substantially and keep investing. As customer, you need a stable and viable partner when it comes to security.

Some of the key topics are outlined in one of my latest blogs, The 1-2-3 of Cloud Security at SAP

Cloud computing done right can help to overcome security concerns, especially as many customers realize that they are not able or willing to invest as much as a specialized vendor can. That on premise isn´t safer per se. And access to data, via mobile and/or the cloud, needs a clear strategy with IT departments in the lead.

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Sven Denecken

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