Top 50 #CloudComputing Twitter Influencers

Jen Cohen Crompton


We are aimed at becoming an authority on business innovation and want to help you identify the top influencers so you can follow the latest trends, news and opinions of these influencers in the field of Cloud Computing.

Last week, we posted the Top 50 Big Data Twitter Influencers.We’ll be publishing more lists on analytics and enterprise mobility in the coming weeks. Here is the list of Top 50 Cloud Computing Influencers on Twitter.

Note: Cloud Computing Twitter influencers were determined based on tweeted topics, influence as measured by Klout, number of followers, and number of tweets. Below are the “top” influencers at this time based on the combination of factors.

@DavidLinthicum – David Linthicum
Cloud computing and SOA expert, CTO, blogger, speaker, and thought leader. Founder Blue Mountain Labs. – Reston, VA ·
Klout – 53

@Cloudbook – Cloudbook
Telling The Cloud Computing Story –
Klout – 39

@SamCharrington – Sam Charrington
Cloud computing, PaaS and Big Data blogger, strategist and analyst. Entrepreneur. Advisor. Too many interests, too little time. – St. Louis, MO ·
Klout – 36

@ruv – Reuven Cohen
Dad, Provocateur, Blogger, SVP @Virtustream, Former Founder @Enomaly @SpotCloud, Co-creator @CloudCamp & Co-host of @DigitalNibbles Podcast sponsored by @Intel – Toronto · http://RUV.net
Klout – 57

@RandyBias – Randy Bias
CTO & Co-Founder – Cloudscaling, cloud computing, social nets, infrastructure, ZFS, ruby, UI design, mobile, poker, & general goodness – Stratospheric ·
Klout – 55

@JamesUrquhart – James Urquhart
Father, husband, technologist, contributor to GigaOM/cloud, former author: The Wisdom of Clouds (CNET), cloud SME. VP of Product Strategy at enStratus. – iPhone: 37.761204,-122.228493 ·
Klout – 54

@TheCloudNetwork – Gary E. Smith
Klout – 53

@SamJ – Sam Johnson
Random rants about tech stuff (Cloud Computing, Security, Open Source, etc.). Protip: Don’t assume these are anyone’s thoughts but my own. – Australia, Europe, USA ·
Klout – 58

@Cloud_Comp_News – Cloud Computing News
Cloud computing news, security, apps, enterprise 2.0, Gov IT, SaaS, PaaS, infrastructure, CIO, cloud computing trends, cloud paradigm, virtualization, CRM – London, Silcon Valley ·
Klout – 40

@CloudTweaks – Cloud Tweaks
The Cloud Computing Authority. News & Analysis from some of the best cloud computing industry experts..#cloud – International ·
Klout – 54

@Dana_Gardner – Dana Gardner
Gardner is a creative thought leader on enterprise software, SOA, cloud-based strategies, and IT transformation. He is a prolific blogger and podcaster. – Gilford, NH ·
Klout – 45

@TheCloudAholic – Cloudaholic
New Expert Discussion Forum Covering Big Data, Cloud Computing and Virtualization. #cloud #bigdata #virtualization – International ·
Klout – N/A

@PhilWW – Phil Wainewright
web cloud SaaS expert, blogger, LibDem, dad – London, UK
Klout – 37

@tombitt – Thomas Bittman
Gartner VP and analyst, cloud computing and virtualization, and whatever else I think about Connecticut, USA ·
Klout – 27

@CloudAve – Cloud Ave
Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service, Business, Entrepreneurship, by @zolierdos, @krishnan and many others – The World ·
Klout – 44

@DonDodge – Don Dodge
Start-up guy; Forte, AltaVista, Napster, Bowstreet, Groove, Microsoft, Google – Boston/Silicon Valley ·
Klout – 49

@smarx – Steve Marx
programmer, entrepreneur, and Chief Windows Azure Architect for Aditi Bellevue, WA ·
Klout – 47

@timbarker – Tim Barker
CMO at DataSift, the Social Data Platform company. Previously Salesforce VP, EMEA Marketing. Like = social marketing, cloud computing, big data. startups ·
Klout – 42

@jeffbarr – Jeff Barr
Amazon Web Services Evangelist, Blogger, Father of 5. Author. MCDM Cohort 10.
Sammamish, Washington, USA ·
Klout – 57

@Werner – Werner Vogels
CTO @ Seattle, WA ·
Klout – 59

@VanessaAlvarez1 – Vanessa Alvarez
Analyst w/Forrester, I enjoy long walks at techshows, candlelit presos and whispered numbers in my ear…pursuing a private pilot license – Boston ·
Klout – 56

@krishnan – Krishnan Subramanian
Principal Analyst, Rishidot Research LLC. Editor, RTs != Endorsement. Seattle ·
Klout – N/A

@utollwi – William Toll
Marketing Executive – Web Hosting Pro – Love Cloud Computing – ISVs – SaaS – SMBs – SCRM – Web 2.0 – Mobile – Gadgets. Curation & Posts by me, not @Yottaa – Boston, MA ·
Klout – 49

@martenmickos – Mårten Mickos
CEO of Formerly CEO of MySQL. Finn in Silicon Valley (mgm at Los Altos, CA
Klout – 51

@Beaker – Christofer Hoff
Fitness Culturist (P90X, X+, Insanity, TRX & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fanatic.) Technosopher. Cloud & Virtualization (Security) Dude. I work at Juniper Networks. [Now officially] San Jose, CA ·
Klout – 60

@HighTechDad – Michael Sheehan
Prof: GoGrid Tech Evangelist (Cloud Computing) Pers: Technology/Gadget Analyst, Reviewer & Writer, Vlogger, Podcaster, Strategist, Dad of 3 girls & Husband.
San Francisco ·
Klout – 47

@Knieriemen – Greg Knieriemen
Enterprise tech evangelist focusing on Virtualization and Storage – VP, Chi Corp, My opinions are my own. Co-host of Speaking in Tech Podcast – Cleveland, OH ·
Klout – 53

@ZoliErdos – Zoli Erdos
Editor / Publisher, CloudAve & Enterprise Irregulars. Startup Advisor. Former life: SAP, Deloitte, IBM – San Francisco Bay Area ·
Klout – 47

@GeorgeReese – George Reese
I’ve kissed mermaids, rode the el nino, walked the sand with the crustaceans, could find my way to Mariana. (CTO of @enStratus, O’Reilly Cloud Author) – Minneapolis, MN ·
Klout – 57

@simon – Simone Brunozzi
Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services APAC. simone @ – – somewhere in Asia
Klout – 59

@JoeBaguley – Joe Baguley
Chief Cloud Technologist, EMEA – VMware : Virtualization, Cloud, IAM, Datacenters, BCS, Energy, Science, Photography, Shooting, Fireworks, Cars & Gadgets! = Marlow ·
Klout – 54

@DDubie – Denise Dubie
New Media Principal at @CAInc, editor/writer/techie focused on IT mgmt, automation, service assurance @CAsvcAssur & more; former Network World (IDG) reporter. – North of Boston, MA ·
Klout – 53

@jg21 – Jeremy Geelan
Trying to help the Cloud be all it can…for business and for individuals. ·
Klout – 46

@rodtrent – Rod Trent
CEO,, Inc.; Missionary to China; Marketing Magic Man. Ohio ·
Klout – 54

@monkchips – James Governor
Co-founder of RedMonk, something like a firehose – tech and everything else in 140 char bursts. Developers, Developers, Developers. London ·
Klout – 59

@SFoskett – Stephen Foskett
Just some guy talking about data storage, virtualization, the business of IT and whatever else I feel like saying. My tweets are – USA ·
Klout – 57

@raesmaa – Riitta Raesmaa
Entrepreneur. Interested in Social Business Design, Cloud, SaaS, Serendipity & Trust, Innovation, Sustainability, ITSM, Design, Books. OH-LCH. – Helsinki, Finland ·
Klout – 63

@Kevin_Jackson – Kevin Jackson
Cloud Musings author and IT strategist – Virginia, USA ·
Klout – 45

@Fountnhead – Ken Oestreich
Cloud and IT Transformation at EMC. Prev Sun, Cassatt, Egenera. EE by training, wanabe physicist. Husband to @monicafo +2 munchkins. Opinions herein my own. – SF Bay Area ·
Klout – 43

@AndiMann – Andi Mann
Enterprise technologist in virtualization, cloud, data center, ops. VP w/ CA Technologies. Author, traveler, cyclist, b’baller, photographer, cook, skier – Boulder, Colorado ·
Klout – 51

@jhurwitz – Judith Hurwitz
author, software industry thought leader, consultant, industry analyst focused on cloud,big data, analytics,+ focusing on customer experience and outcomes – ÜT: 37.780265,-122.407104 ·
Klout – 45

@gevaperry – Geva Perry
I help SaaS and cloud companies – Tiburon, CA ·
Klout – 42

@justinpirie – Justin Pirie
SaaS & Cloud Speaker and Blogger, Cloud Strategist at Mimecast- these views are my own and do not necessarily represent Mimecast – London / San Francisco ·
Klout – 42

– Greg Ness
Networking, security, virtualization, cloud computing, data centers – San Jose, CA ·
Klout – 36

@PaulMiller – Paul Miller
Cloud Computing/ Big Data/ Open Data/ Linked Data/ Semantic Web Consultancy & Analysis. Podcasts with tech execs. Analyst at GigaOM Pro, etc. – Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK ·
Klout – 48

@cxi – Christopher Kusek
Global Virtualization Lead at EMC; Technology Evangelist, vExpert, CISSP, MCT, EMCCA, Cloud, Ninja, Vegan (Contact: M:630.362.1320 – ) – Chicago ·
Klout – 57

@miriamtuerk – Miriam Tuerk
Entrepreneur with a love of Technology specifically Open Source, Cloud and SaaS – Toronto, Canada ·
Klout – 22

@FinbarrMcCarthy – Finbarr McCarthy
Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, Web Strategy, Strategic Thinking, Innovation. – Cork, Ireland ·
Klout – 32

@khazret_sapenov – Khazret Sapenov
Cloud Computing Veteran and Applied Mathematician – Toronto, Canada ·
Klout – 25

@CloudSlam – Cloud Slam Cloud Computing Conference
Cloud Slam’12® May 30 – June 1 2012. Coveted #CloudComputing Conference Produced by @Cloudcor®; Updated by Kevin Grant #CS12 #CloudSlam – San Francisco and In the Cloud ·
Klout – 43

@MaureenOGara – Maureen O’Gara
Maureen, the most read technology reporter for the past two decades, is the Cloud Computing and Virtualization News Desk editor of SYS-CON Media. – Long Island, New York ·
Klout – 42

Disclosure: I am being compensated by SAP to produce a series of posts on the innovation topics covered on this site. The opinions reflected here are my own.

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