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IT security, cloud security, data security, data protection

Data Security Mistakes Most Businesses Don’t Realize They’re Making

12-Nov-2018 | Larry Alton

Focus your energy on the most valuable cybersecurity strategies for maximizing your data protection.

travel and expense, fraud management, fraud detection, employee spending, regulatory compliance

How Fraudsters Find Weak Links in Employee Spend Areas

12-Nov-2018 | Caitlin Strickling

Companies that use data-monitoring and analysis technology to monitor employee expenses had 52% lower losses and 58% faster detection of anomalies.

banking, innovation, neobanking, digital transformation

Making Banking More Human In The Cloud

8-Nov-2018 | Falk Rieker

Innovative thinkers are arguing for a complete redesign of banking processes and systems from the ground up, not a digital transformation of legacy models.

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