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Associate enters customer information on a laptop

Innovation Vs. Data Privacy Or Innovation And Data Privacy?

17-Jul-2019 | Heidi Neumes

The data customers entrust to you must be managed securely. That is the only way to reconcile innovation protecting customers’ privacy.

A woman sits in the back of a car looking at her mobile phone.

AI-Empowered Business: Five Foundational Elements

16-Jul-2019 | Aleksey Gurevich

Core data operations and platforms act as the fuel and chassis of the AI machine a business must build and evolve for continued competitive advantage.

Doctor with digital tablet in clinic office

Why Digital Security In Healthcare Needs Intensive Care

11-Jul-2019 | Larry Alton

Healthcare. It's the one industry where digital security isn’t progressing as quickly as it should, and it’s time we start paying more attention to it.

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