5 Ways Companies Are Using Big Data Correctly

Robert Cordray

Big Data is not a new concept, although the term might be relatively new.  In simple terms, Big Data refers to information that is useless if it is unused but priceless once it has been executive presents big datacorrectly analyzed. Big data needs to be managed, organized, curated, and then put into actionable usage. Missing a single step will be a waste of time.

There are many ways that Big Data is being used correctly today, but clearly there are ways to enhance SQL server performance and identify issues that affect performance while establishing and showing trends that can help make the most of Big Data.

Predicting customer needs

A bakery that sells loaves of bread wrapped up is a company that understands its customers. The same service can be provided for online buyers based on their previous behavior, a process that utilizes Big Data to enhance customer satisfaction while also increasing purchases. Data is gathered from sites visited, items purchased, location, and customer service contact status, including interaction with products on social media.

These seemingly unrelated piece of data might seem overwhelming, but the companies mining it offer a very personalized touch. Amazon has been using this concept through recommendations of various items by customers, and the company therefore knows what its potential customers will be looking for. From music recommendations on Spotify, Pinterest pins, or blockbusters on Netflix, Big Data usage will definitely make a difference.

Exciting customers about customized data

Wearable tech makes data more accessible today than ever before, from apps that tell users how many calories they are consuming to sites that let customers review how they are spending money in different categories. Organizations must sift through Big Data to extract the information that is most relevant to customers while also ensuring that it is easily digestible. If this mining is done right, customers will get the data that is most pertinent and critical to their lives, such as information on their fitness and health or finances, while the company enhances its ROI.

Big data analytics

Organizations must make the most of their Big Data or public data pertaining to them. Companies such as hiQ offer personalized reporting in what is termed people analytics. In this process, a business’s public and internal data is collected to create useful predictive models. Innovative algorithms allow the company to enjoy lots of powerful insights. In fact, hiQ offers real-time continuous updates and customizable reporting, so the user of the information does not need to be a data scientist.

Optimizing social media campaigns

With Big Data and the fact that social media is the new business frontier, it’s possible to miss an opportunity of blending both and optimizing social media marketing campaigns. A company such as New York City-based SumAll offers services that help companies to optimize every social media marketing campaign. Analytics are collected from diverse platforms, including Facebook and eBay, and the service then offers a glimpse into all these through a single chart. It also provides Twitter alert notifications, pings when your business has been mentioned, and lots of features that can be personalized to meet the needs and preferences of individual businesses.

Offering solutions to customer problems and pain points

Knowing the problems and pain points of your customers is critical to ensure they are returning customers. Digging deep into Big Data helps solve problems and enhances customer experiences. For instance, Delta Airlines dealt with lost baggage by creating a feature known as “Track My Bag” on the Delta app, which allowed customers to easily monitor their luggage.

Companies that use Big Data correctly will see greater success with their customers and within their respective industries.

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