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CFO gives business leaders real-time strategic insights into business operations during a meeting

Cloud-Based Analytics: A Business Case For CFOs

5-Dec-2019 | Christian Brandl and Seda Agasarjan

With cloud-based analytics, the CFO becomes the enterprise's core player in providing real-time strategic insights into business operations.

Woman analyzes her cryptocurrency account on her mobile device while drinking coffee

6 Reasons To Invest And Trade In Cryptocurrency In 2020

4-Dec-2019 | Melissa Burns

Cryptocurrency investing may be risky, but it also offers a high potential for returns.

CFO analyzes finance data on her tablet

GRC And Intelligent Finance: How To Get The Human Factor Right

3-Dec-2019 | Bruce Romney

With intelligent access, intelligent controls, and intelligent detection, organizations can get the human factor just right for automated finance processes.

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