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The Challenge Of Analytics Growth In The Public Sector

26-Apr-2018 | Shaily Kumar

There are plenty of opportunities to apply analytics in the public sector, but cultural and technical challenges must be overcome. Here are some examples.

Monetizing And Optimizing Content Distribution With Machine Learning And Blockchain

26-Apr-2018 | Himani Sharma

Media companies need a solution for monetizing content and delivering the right content to the right consumer at the right moment. Advanced analytics, machine learning, and blockchain are three disruptive technologies that can solve the twin problems of volume overload and content monetization.

What Is The Future Of The Industrial Machinery Industry?

26-Apr-2018 | David Parrish

Here's how the industrial machinery and components industry is taking a proactive approach to digital transformation, adopting emerging technologies such as machine learning, as-a-service business models, and more.

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