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Why Digital Transformation Should Focus On Growth, Not Disruption

17-Nov-2017 | Derek Klobucher

Growing your business with the right technologies can create a huge competitive advantage, and even a barrier to entry for would-be competitors. Here's how.

autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, IoT

Connected Cars, Autonomous Vehicles, And The IoT

17-Nov-2017 | Tom Raftery

A future in which autonomous vehicles are not only viable but safer than self-driven cars will produce wide-ranging disruptions to industry and how we live.

marketing, customer experience, data, analytics

Create Happy Customers: Untangle A Web Of Marketing Tools And Data For Best Use

17-Nov-2017 | Mark de Bruijn

Effective digital marketing starts with a clear data ecosystem. Using this step-by-step plan, you can create a solid foundation for happy customers.

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