A Whole New KPI: Time to Insight

Dianna DiSanto

Time to Insight (TTI) simply means faster access to what matters most: relevant data that can be leveraged in your company in an instant.

All businesses can simplify the way insight is gained through the usage of more visualizations and less irrelevant data – of course. The proof, however, is personal and relates to the way we go about our daily lives.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, individuals are constantly seeking out data in virtually no time at all. These measurements are delivered based on the expectations for an application to be intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible at all times. Those kinds of expectations should be the same for the business analytic tools currently being used to get an accurate analysis of your business’ performance.

Tidemark’s Brad Morris explained in a recent Forbes article the measurable worth data visualizations have to offer in order to reduce the time it takes to reach valuable insight.

The innovative data visualization tools, explained in further detail by Cindi Howson of BI Scorecard, shift focus from the same old “spreadsheet chaos” to simple and engaging visuals. The benefits are tremendous for those looking to:

  • Eliminate time spent analyzing data
  • Optimize valuable resources
  • Relieve IT from creating highly-specific data tools

Morris touches upon a valuable point that our connected world allows businesses to operate 24 hours a day. As a result, gathering information about your business in real-time should be essential.

The amount of time businesses currently spend measuring data can be reduced significantly with a simple shift in the tools used to process information.

More importantly, measuring this valuable time as a KPI can lead to greater improvement for all users looking to make a fast connection between data and it’s relevance to your company.

Dianna DiSanto

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Dianna DiSanto is the Social Community Manager, Global Events, at SAP. She currently manages the social media accounts for SAP’s global events: SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd. I’m responsible for implementing the social media strategy before, during, and after each event.