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Is Your Organization Equipped To Lead The Workforce Of The Future?

2-Jan-2019 | Helen Dwight | Workforce Analytics

Advanced HR solutions can help enterprises create individualized plans that match workforce needs, therefore increasing employee productivity and engagement.

HR, recruiting, hiring, employee engagement

How Prescriptive Recruiting Improves The Odds Of Finding Your Best Match

27-Feb-2018 | Jeff Mills | Workforce Analytics

Companies that don’t show interest in their candidates are the ones that will lose out on the best talent available. It’s time to run the recruiting process more like a courtship.

Top 10 Trends For Analytics In 2018

3-Jan-2018 | Nic Smith | Workforce Analytics

The top ten trends in data analytics for 2018 including updates on the cloud, natural language, and insight-as-a-service. Here's how you can harness these advancements for your business.

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