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healthcare, big data, analytics, iot platforms, ioht, pharmaceuticals, wearable technologies, health apps, EHRs, patient portals

Healthcare Providers Feel The Pressure To Change

8-Dec-2016 | Anja Reschke | Wearable Technology

As technology continues to play a greater role in healthcare, the medical field is undergoing a significant transformation.

healthcare, big data, analytics, iot platforms, ioht, pharmaceuticals

The Big Data Influence In The Pharmaceutical Industry

10-Nov-2016 | Paul Clark | Wearable Technology

As Big Data plays in increasing role in healthcare, some companies are gaining a competitive advantage. Find out how.

How Remote Patient Monitoring Can Change The Future Of Healthcare

31-Oct-2016 | Anja Reschke | Wearable Technology

Why should healthcare providers use Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)? Here are some top benefits.

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