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beacon technology in retail

5 Examples Of Bluetooth Beacon Technology Disrupting Huge Industries

20-Dec-2016 | Andre Smith | Wearable Devices

Bluetooth beacons promise to change how we shop, get healthcare, travel, and more. Learn what services your phone will soon deliver based on this technology.

healthcare, big data, analytics, iot platforms, ioht, pharmaceuticals, wearable technologies, health apps, EHRs, patient portals

Healthcare Providers Feel The Pressure To Change

8-Dec-2016 | Anja Reschke | Wearable Devices

As technology continues to play a greater role in healthcare, the medical field is undergoing a significant transformation.

healthcare, big data, analytics, iot platforms, ioht, pharmaceuticals

The Big Data Influence In The Pharmaceutical Industry

10-Nov-2016 | Paul Clark | Wearable Devices

As Big Data plays in increasing role in healthcare, some companies are gaining a competitive advantage. Find out how.

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