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businessman reviewing a report and talking on a smartphone with a chatbot

Getting A Bot That Really Works: Best Corporate Architectures For Conversational Interfaces

18-Jun-2019 | Paul Pinard | UX

The receptionist model creates more sophisticated chatbots that increase service quality along with customer satisfaction.

developers discuss user experience of new program

The Built-In Support Effect: Setting The Cornerstone Of The Digital User Experience

11-Jun-2019 | Dawn Gruszewski | UX

When business disruption happens, built-in support practices bring unprecedented freedom and capacity for ground-breaking innovation and boundless potential.

live chat, live engagement, customer support, mobile

Live Engagement Checklist For The Best Possible Online Experience

20-May-2019 | Priya Iyer | UX

Live engagement ensures that your customers are receiving the best help available from your brand. Here's how to get started.

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