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How A Digital Foundation Flips The Switch On Utilities’ Customer Relationships

7-May-2018 | Henry Bailey | Utilities

With a customer experience platform enabled by an intelligent, next-generation ERP, utility providers can rapidly evolve from monthly transactions to a partnership of simplicity, accessibility, responsiveness, loyalty, and value.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Utilties, IoT, SAP Leonardo

How Can Monitoring Connected Assets On The Grid Improve Uptime?

9-Mar-2018 | James McClelland | Utilities

Digitalization, especially the Internet of Things, enables utilities to monitor assets for impeding failure and take appropriate steps to avoid outages and strategically target maintenance spending.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Utilties, IoT, SAP Leonardo, Machine Learning

Connected Assets: How Machine Learning Will Transform the Utilities Industry

26-Feb-2018 | James McClelland | Utilities

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are poised to revolutionize the way utilities produce, transmit, and consume energy by powering the modern smart grid. Utilities that take steps now to modernize their infrastructure and adopt machine learning will gain a competitive advantage.

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