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The Technological Evolution: From Luxury To Necessity

11-Jul-2018 | Hannah White | User Experience

If businesses want to remain viable competitors in the next few years, they need to pay attention to the rise of the citizen data scientist.

Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Machine Learning, Ethics, Digital Economy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Human Machine Interaction, Emerging Technology, Digital Ethics

How Digital Ethics Enables Trust In Business AI

9-Jul-2018 | Guido Wagner | User Experience

For successful use of business AI, users need to develop trust in it. Digital ethics can help, and a checklist is a valuable starting point.

procurement, digital transformation

Procurement Striding Purposefully In The Digital Journey

27-Jun-2018 | Deepankar Sharma | User Experience

Beyond the gatekeeping function of cost savings and compliance, procurement is showcasing its value by becoming a collaborative function across the value chain, integrating knowledge and expertise from suppliers, contract manufacturers, and trading partners.

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