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employee engagement, culture, purpose, ROI

Culture: Key To Understanding The ROI Of A Purpose-Driven Business

18-Dec-2018 | Scott Pezza | United Nations

The solution to the problem of finding a business justification for ethical decision-making is, quite simply, people.

CIO’s Guide To Intelligent Resilience In The Energy Industry

30-Oct-2018 | Kiran Srirama | United Nations

Here's how intelligent technologies can help energy providers respond to growing dependence and remain profitable while practicing environmental responsibility.

Moving Rwanda, purpose, sustainability, UN Global Goals

How A Purpose-Driven Finance Team Is Doing Good – From Germany To Rwanda

25-Jul-2018 | Carl-Christian von Weyhe | United Nations

Moving Rwanda project, a public-private partnership, aims to equip Rwandans with knowledge and tools to lift the country out of extreme poverty.

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