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African Elephants walking, Amboseli National Park,

Beyond Corporate Purpose: Artificial Intelligence Joins A Good Cause

11-Jul-2019 | Ivona Crnoja | UN Sustainable Development Goals

Nonprofit organization is leveraging AI technologies to protect elephants and rhinos from poachers while using their human resources more effectively.

employee engagement, culture, purpose, ROI

Culture: Key To Understanding The ROI Of A Purpose-Driven Business

18-Dec-2018 | Scott Pezza | UN Sustainable Development Goals

The solution to the problem of finding a business justification for ethical decision-making is, quite simply, people.

artificial intelligence, AI, machine learning, ML, unintended consequences, risks, human rights, ethics

Values Build Trust: The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Secures The Ethical Use Of AI

7-Nov-2018 | Daniel Schmid | UN Sustainable Development Goals

Although society is just beginning to discuss the ethics of AI, innovators need guidance now to ensure their work doesn't compromise human rights.

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