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The Evolution Of Today's Next-Generation Sharing Economy Businesses

26-Apr-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz | Uber

With today's competitiveness and the increase in platforms in the marketplace offering similar products, customers are thirsty for key differentiators. Essentially, sharing-economy business success boils down to loyalty and curation.

New Uber Leadership SVP Talks Trust, Diversity, And Building High-Performing Teams

15-Sep-2017 | Brian Wasson | Uber

Frances Frei, SVP of Leadership and Strategy at Uber, identified a “trust triangle” based on three character traits leaders need to gain trust.

Freelancer student working from laptop on rooftop

How Employees’ Roles In The Gig Economy Are Being Redefined

14-Jun-2017 | Simon Davies | Uber

Here are three recruitment and management strategies that are redefining employees’ roles in the gig economy.

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