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Data-Driven, Consumer-Oriented Strategies For Slam-Dunk Personalization

17-Dec-2018 | Ursa Mihajlovic | Trade Management

As consumer brands become more focused and data-driven, the better equipped they are to fend off competitors and capitalize on opportunities.

tariffs, intelligent technology, sourcing, procurement, machine learning, predictive analytics

Using Intelligent Technology In Sourcing To Get Ahead Of Rising U.S. Tariffs

26-Nov-2018 | Danielle Homer | Trade Management

Machine learning and predictive analytics can help high-tech companies reduce the impact of new U.S. tariffs on imports from China.

Tax, Customs, And Brexit

22-Aug-2018 | Paul Harris | Trade Management

Brexit is not just a risk to manage, rather it can also be an impetus to improve business efficiency overall.

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