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Why Digital Transformation Is Not Out Of Reach For Small Businesses

22-Mar-2016 | Dinesh Sharma | Thriving In The Digital Economy

Digitizing business operations makes a big difference in terms of growth and nimbleness. Learn more in part 1 of our series based on the latest IDC research.

Is The Personal Touch Possible In The Digital Economy?

29-Mar-2016 | Johann Wrede | Thriving In The Digital Economy

Customers control whether they interact with you in person or digitally. Your challenge, then, is knowing when and how to give them the experience they want.

The Truth About Data And Digital Transformation Every Small And Midsize Business Should Know

5-Apr-2016 | Alison Biggan | Thriving In The Digital Economy

Digital transformation is the key today for businesses of any size to both innovate and to keep other businesses from innovating past them.

Small And Midsize Businesses: Overcoming The Challenges Of Digital Transformation

12-Apr-2016 | Rodolpho Cardenuto | Thriving In The Digital Economy

Small and midsize businesses may find that their smaller size helps them overcome digital transformation challenges more easily than their larger counterparts.

Region-by-Region Comparison: Are Small And Midsize Businesses Ready For Digital Transformation?

19-Apr-2016 | Meaghan Sullivan | Thriving In The Digital Economy

Here’s a quick snapshot of how small and midsize businesses in the world's major regions are embracing and participating in the digital economy.

Digital Transformation: A Reality Check For Small And Midsize Businesses

26-Apr-2016 | Pedro Patricio | Thriving In The Digital Economy

As a small or midsize business, here are 6 things you can do now to start growing, competing, and succeeding in a digital world economy.

The Promise Of Technology: How Small And Midsize Businesses Adopt It And Transform With It

3-May-2016 | Rinse Tamsma | Thriving In The Digital Economy

Customers demand real-time, personalized service and will take their business where they can get it. Here's help for SMBs slow to transform.

Which Comes First For Small And Midsize Enterprises – Digital Transformation Or High-Revenue Growth?

10-May-2016 | Hernan Marino | Thriving In The Digital Economy

Does high-revenue growth happen because of digital transformation? Or is digital transformation a byproduct of that growth?

The Digital Economy Is Not Just About The Big Guys

17-May-2016 | Dinesh Sharma | Thriving In The Digital Economy

The digital economy can improve a small or midsize business's ability to compete with larger firms. The key is making digital transformation a priority.