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Manage The Risks Of Innovative Initiatives With Three Lines of Defense

19-Nov-2018 | James Chiu | Three Lines Of Defense

Solutions that support 3 lines of defense can help organizations integrate with critical systems, monitor risks and controls, and drive business innovation.

GRC, governance, risk, compliance, audit, risk management, finance

Lose The Myths And Step Towards A GRC Digital Transformation (Part 2)

24-Oct-2018 | Daniel Morfin | Three Lines Of Defense

Make sure you’re armed with accurate information to face GRC challenges however and whenever they come.

risk management, GRC. compliance

The State Of Risk Management In 2018

3-Jul-2018 | James Chiu | Three Lines Of Defense

Optimism stemming from the strong economy notwithstanding, companies' can manage risks more effectively by making business processes, controls, and fraud risks more transparent and efficient.

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