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Engineers experiment with digital twins to build a prototype

Digital Twins: Revolutionizing R&D And Enabling Next-Generation Value Chains

17-Jun-2019 | Aldo Ambrosio | The Internet of Things

Here's how digital twins are creating new opportunities for efficiency gains and cost reductions and enabling new business models.

IT specialists analyze data protection of IT systems based on GDPR standards

Four Reasons Why Data Protection, AI, And The IoT Are Changing The Cloud And IT Security

11-Jun-2019 | Ulrich Kreitz | The Internet of Things

GDPR, the Internet of Things, automation, and AI pose new security challenges for cloud users and providers, and they have no choice but to respond.

Engineeers discuss leading indicators of supply chain performance

Predicting Leading Indicators For Asset Failure

11-Jun-2019 | Anubhav Bhatia | The Internet of Things

Identifying leading indicators of equipment failure supports predictive maintenance to prevent unexpected downtime.

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