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Finance Prediction: Toward An “Intelligent Ecosystem”

11-Feb-2019 | Julien Delvat | Technology Innovation

Over the next few years, we will see a broader integration across systems through innovations like blockchain.

woman engineer looking at various information in screen of futuristic interface.

Every Business Is Becoming A Technology Business

10-Dec-2018 | Manju Bansal | Technology Innovation

From the small, agile startup to the long-established enterprise, no business will be immune from digital transformation's imperatives.

customer experience, supply chain, back-office systems, customer-facing, innovation, machine learning

Build Customer Empathy Into Your Business Model

16-Oct-2018 | Helen Dwight | Technology Innovation

Integrating customer-facing systems is one part of creating great customer experiences, but remember to connect the supply chain and back-office systems, too.

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