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finance leaders discuss operational efficiency and revenue growth of their midsize business

A New Perspective On Data Can Revolutionize Finance At Midsize Businesses

18-Jun-2019 | Ido Shamgar | Technology Adoption

Proactive, systematic transformation of finance can uncover new opportunities and take on areas of improvement to deliver unprecedented growth.

developers discuss user experience of new program

The Built-In Support Effect: Setting The Cornerstone Of The Digital User Experience

11-Jun-2019 | Dawn Gruszewski | Technology Adoption

When business disruption happens, built-in support practices bring unprecedented freedom and capacity for ground-breaking innovation and boundless potential.

mobile app, digital apps, business impact, employee engagement, customer engagement

Beyond The Customer: The Business Impact Of Delightful Experiences

30-May-2019 | Ashruti Singh | Technology Adoption

Providing a great digital experience is critical for any business in this day and age, whether it engages with customers, partners, or employees.

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