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Man sitting in the middle of an empty field and looking up at the night sky

Enterprise AI Meets Intelligent Information Management

13-Aug-2019 | Kevin Poskitt | Technology Adoption

Data intelligence is what happens when you bring together both halves of the equation: managing your data then extracting value from it.

Procurement and business leaders discussing in conference room

Not Your Grandfather’s Procurement (Part 3)

24-Jul-2019 | Mark Brohan | Technology Adoption

Procurement is miles away from where it was just a few years ago – but for many organizations, it is still miles away from where it could be.

Product designers use AI through a mobile device to make decisions

Digital Transformation And The AI Advantage

23-Jul-2019 | Bill Schmarzo | Technology Adoption

Follow this simple three-step recipe to use AI to exploit the economics of data to digitally transform their business and operational models.

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