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People Are The Engine That Drives Finance Transformation: Part 2

23-May-2018 | Nilly Essaides | Talent Strategy

Finance professionals are only beginning to ask the questions about what it all means to their skill development and career prospects. They’re not going to be replaced by machines. But many of their traditional activities will be.

finance, digital transformation, people, talent development

People Are The Engine That Drives Finance Transformation: Part 1

17-May-2018 | Nilly Essaides | Talent Strategy

The automation of finance will only enhance the importance of our uniquely “human” skills.

finance, leadership, strategy, digital transformation, workforce, workplace trends, job skills

A Finance Employee Working In The Digitalization Era

25-Apr-2018 | Vaag Durgaryan | Talent Strategy

Digitalization – the fourth industrial revolution – is changing the skillset finance workers will need to be successful.

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