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Birds flying above foggy mountains

What Murmuration And Supply Chain Collaboration Have In Common

21-Nov-2019 | Falko Feldchen | Supply Chain Collaboration

The supply chain can benefit by applying lessons learned from how bird flocks communicate and collaborate.

Woman looks at data on a tablet while enjoying coffee at an outside cafe

Plan For Demand By Placing The Customer At The Heart Of Your Operations

7-Nov-2019 | David Vallejo | Supply Chain Collaboration

For consumer goods companies, the only way to succeed is by meeting customers' expectations by putting them at the heart of your processes.

Mom and daughter pretend to be superheroes

Four Powers Of Supply Chain And Procurement Superheroes

31-Oct-2019 | Florian Seebauer | Supply Chain Collaboration

Here are four superpowers procurement and supply chain professionals can use to battle some of today's top business challenges.

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