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How Retail Can Help Inspire A Revolution In The Student Experience

13-Mar-2018 | Navneet Johal | Student Experience

Institutions of higher learning should follow the customer service model of the retail industry, and evolve to a student-centric model that spans the lifecycle and enables more personalized and innovative "service" delivery.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Higher Education, Leonardo, digital campus, digital students

New Workforce Models Threaten Tenure On Campus

9-Mar-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield | Student Experience

The data-led "digital campus" will create new models that re-imagine higher education from the bottom up. That development holds great promise for students and administrators alike.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Higher Education, Leonardo

Students As Customers And The Focus on Outcomes

8-Mar-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield | Student Experience

With access to new digital insights and technologies, schools can enable teachers to offer students far more personalized growth and successful learning.

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