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Train leaves station in Dubai

Event-Driven, Continuous Accounting: A Transportation Use Case

18-Nov-2019 | Luciano Morra | Strategic Profitability Management

Shifting from period-based to event-driven continuous accounting is an extraordinary opportunity to create value in the finance department.

British couple shops online together over coffee

Retail Pressure As Post-Brexit Trade Meets Depression-Era Policies

26-Sep-2019 | Elizabeth Maffei | Strategic Profitability Management

Knowledge of Depression-Era economics informs ideas on post-Brexit trade and retail.

strategic pricing, analytics, price management, profitability

Strategic Pricing Analytics: Drive Profitability With Data You Already Own

29-Jan-2018 | Jessica Schubert | Strategic Profitability Management

Strategic pricing uses a series of analytics tools to predict how price management activities will affect the overall business. Leveraging the data you already own can help you quickly identify potential areas to adjust pricing to capture opportunities.

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