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San Francisco 49ers: How Real-Time Analytics Enhances The Fan Experience

10-Apr-2019 | Rushenka Perera | Sports Analytics

The 49ers aim to provide a first-class and seamless fan experience that ensures everything runs smoothly while minimizing waiting times and inconveniences.

Why Athletic Organizations Lag In Adopting New Technology: 6 Challenges

6-Oct-2016 | Mark Lehew | Sports Analytics

Real-time sports analytics are a key competitive differentiator for all teams. So why are athletic organizations reluctant to embrace the digital athlete?

Wearables, Data-Driven Insights, And The World Cup Of Hockey

20-Sep-2016 | Fred Isbell | Sports Analytics

Just as technology is reimagining the fan experience, wearables are set to revolutionize the player experience in the world of hockey and other sports.

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