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The Tech-Savvy CFO: Innovate, Inform, Enable

5-Jul-2018 | Mark Partin | SPM

As digital shakes up the business world, leading finance organizations are stepping up and driving financial transformation by taking advantage of the latest technology.

risk management, GRC. compliance

The State Of Risk Management In 2018

3-Jul-2018 | James Chiu | SPM

Optimism stemming from the strong economy notwithstanding, companies' can manage risks more effectively by making business processes, controls, and fraud risks more transparent and efficient.

travel, risk management, business travel, travel and expense management, T&E, compliance, financial services

Why T&E Matters: Risk And Compliance

20-Jun-2018 | Andy Hirst | SPM

The more visibility you have in travel and expense management, the more control you have over everything. And when you have both, you have a lot less risk to worry about.

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