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Top 5 CIO Blogs for November 2019

Top Five CIO Blogs Of November 2019

5-Dec-2019 | Jean Loh | SPM

It's a world of constant change, and IT leaders must be perpetually diligent to stay ahead of it. Check out the blogs that are the best-read in November 2019.

Woman arranging organizational chart on window

10 Resource Planning Steps For Humans (Part 2)

2-Dec-2019 | Paul Dandurand | SPM

Dig into the first four of 10 steps of a human approach to resource planning.

Finance team members discuss latest responsibilities for the organization

How Banking Connectivity Provides The Foundation For Agile Finance

2-Dec-2019 | Dave Fellers | SPM

Banking connectivity delivers short-term payoffs and lays the foundation for finance transformation and the intelligent enterprise of the future.

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