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Natura: Looking Good And Doing Good – In The Cloud

10-Jan-2019 | Judith Magyar | South America

Natura, Brazil's leading cosmetics manufacturer, is a direct sales company that relies on relationships and social networks. Here's how they have found success.

Buenos Aires, lighting, smart city, LED, industry 4.0

Why Buenos Aires Leads The World In Lighting

10-May-2018 | Nick Quin | South America

Smart city technology combined with LED street lights enable Buenos Aires to create a more safe, welcoming, environmentally friendly, and efficient city.

How Buenos Aires Can Fix Potholes In Hours

4-May-2018 | Nick Quin | South America

The transformation undertaken by Buenos Aires is an excellent example of a city successfully implementing smart city initiatives. Such initiatives will only become more important as our world embraces Industry 4.0. Subsequently, this transformation of the maintenance process in Buenos Aires is worthy of study.

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