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How Buenos Aires Can Fix Potholes In Hours

4-May-2018 | Nick Quin | Social Engagement

The transformation undertaken by Buenos Aires is an excellent example of a city successfully implementing smart city initiatives. Such initiatives will only become more important as our world embraces Industry 4.0. Subsequently, this transformation of the maintenance process in Buenos Aires is worthy of study.

Why Executives Should Follow Kylie Jenner

14-Sep-2017 | Arif Johari | Social Engagement

The online-shopping world that we live in, lacks the warmth of great customer service that a brick-and-mortar may provide. Social selling fills that need.

No More Yellow Pages: Social Changes Building Products Industry

19-Sep-2016 | Jennifer Scholze | Social Engagement

Building products companies must integrate social media, quality management, traceability, and targeted marketing to increase customer satisfaction and profits.

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