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Construction Leader Boosts Growth, Employee Engagement With HCM Solution

23-Oct-2018 | Susan Galer | Social Collaboration

Here's how a cloud-based HR solution helped a European construction firm realize a 90 percent time savings in HR processes and a boost in employee engagement.

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Eaton Vance Heads To The Cloud To Run A Global Workforce As A “Unit Of One”

2-Apr-2018 | Raj Manghnani | Social Collaboration

Transition to managed cloud services enables 94-year-old investment management form to align its global workforce and reduce frequent hardware investments, ultimately improving service to its clients.

Writing A New Story: CRM And Customer Service

30-Mar-2018 | Lisa James | Social Collaboration

At the heart of the new CRM and customer service story is a need to deliver on your brand promise and create, build, and sustain long-term relationships with your customers.

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