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Digitalist Flash Briefing: I Love You: Supply Chain Personalization For Valentine’s Day 2019

18-Feb-2019 | Bonnie D. Graham | Smart Logistics

Hear how supply chains performed for the 2019 Valentine’s Day holiday.

customer experience, Brand promise, Fyre Festival, business planning, logistics, supply chain

All Fyred Up And Nowhere To Go

13-Feb-2019 | Richard Howells | Smart Logistics

As the Fyre Festival fiasco showed, a brand's promise is worthless if it doesn't deliver for its customers.

supply chain, personalization, Valentine's Day, gifts

I Love You: Supply Chain Personalization For Valentine’s Day 2019

7-Feb-2019 | Richard Howells | Smart Logistics

Real-time visibility and sentiment analysis make your supply chain responsive enough to help customers celebrate their sweetheart with a personal touch.

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