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resident of a smart city in his apartment

Promising Technologies Build Smart Cities That Go Beyond Imagination

8-Jul-2019 | Harald Wouters | Smart Cities

Sci-fi from the imaginations of those living in the present is not only entertaining, but it can offer tangible lessons about the future.

experience economy, Palm Springs, travel and tourism, smart city, ROI, infrastructure

Reimagining Smart City Procurement With Digital Technology

7-May-2019 | Hal Good | Smart Cities

Digital technologies make it easier to connect infrastructure investments with their return on investment, says Palm Springs procurement director.

industry 4.0, smart products, IoT, analytics, machine learning

How To Flourish In Industry 4.0, The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Part 2)

21-Feb-2019 | Bill Schmarzo | Smart Cities

Winners in Industry 4.0 will have the smartest products. But constitutes a 'smart product'?

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