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The Digital Disconnect Facing CIOs

3-May-2017 | Stephanie Reshel | SAPDigitalReport

One of the biggest trends transforming business today is industry convergence. Here's why CIOs think this is a double-edged sword.

retail planning solutions help sift through data to improve the customer experience

Rewriting The Rules Of Retail

8-Mar-2017 | Stephanie Reshel | SAPDigitalReport

Digital customers have changed the rules of retail, and your business needs to change in order to keep those customers. Here's how to do it.

Shot of a businessman working at his computer in an office

What’s The Future Of IoT And Mobility?

20-Feb-2017 | Rick Knowles | SAPDigitalReport

Digital transformation is not merely about how we implement new technology; how we use it is at least as important to our success.

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