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Data Platforms Reveal Untapped Superpowers That Make Midsize Businesses Unstoppable

20-May-2019 | Matthew Zenus | SAP S/4HANA

A disciplined approach to data management ignites superpowers that are so impactful that the largest competitors may find it difficult to keep up.

x-as-a-service, cloud, on demand, ERP, intelligent ERP

Is "Everything As A Service" Our Future?

30-Apr-2019 | Aldo Da Silva | SAP S/4HANA

Given technological advancements, we can imagine that in the future everything could be offered as a service.

intelligent ERP, Old World Industries, auto parts and service, Deloitte, finance

Old World Industries Keeps Customers’ Vehicles Running Smoothly With Intelligent ERP

30-Apr-2019 | Donna Markey | SAP S/4HANA

Next-generation ERP foundation helps 45-year-old company eliminate inefficiencies, meet demands of rapid expansion, and predictively determine customers’ needs.

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