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Why The Large-Scale Conversion Playbook Is Overdue For A Revision

3-Oct-2018 | Soeren Ruder | SAP S/4HANA

With constant awareness of emerging technologies, opportunities, and risks, you can acquire a large-scale system that addresses your current and future needs.

ERP, public cloud, cloud computing

Why Three Companies Chose Public Cloud

24-Sep-2018 | Carl Dubler | SAP S/4HANA

An automotive company, an e-retailer, and an oil and gas enterprise find cost savings and efficiencies in moving their ERP solution to the public cloud.

How To Choose The Right ERP Deployment Destination

17-Sep-2018 | Carl Dubler | SAP S/4HANA

Should you run your ERP system on-premise or in the cloud? It's not a straightforward choice. Here are the factors you should consider.

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