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How Companies Can Stop Human Trafficking In 2018: Be Vulnerable, Act Now

19-Jan-2018 | Susan Galer | SAP News Center

Eliminating modern slavery, forced labor, and non-compliance with human rights shines a spotlight on every company’s supply chain.

2018 Predictions, Pt. 3: Digital Business Accelerates With Robotic Process Automation, Voice User Interface, And Agile Micro-Factories

17-Jan-2018 | Jacqueline Prause | SAP News Center

Leading experts, academics, and business influencers share their predictions for what the coming year holds for industry, business, the world, and technology.

Retailers Discover Machine Learning Sells More Fashions Customers Love

12-Jan-2018 | Susan Galer | SAP News Center

Here's how machine learning enables fashion retailers to immediately see the colors and styles that are selling when demand is peaking.

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