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CRM In Today’s Ecosystem: What CIOs Need To Know

21-Mar-2018 | Riaz Faride | SAP Hybris

CRM helps businesses look at their markets through different lenses. This allows them to offer their products that serve the “purpose” of their respective customer base: the task the customers are trying to accomplish or a problem or issue they want to resolve.

couple wearing Tommy Bahama

Running Live While Living The Island Life

9-Feb-2018 | Emma Reeve | SAP Hybris

While its selling the relaxation lifestyle, like any smart retailer, Tommy Bahama doesn’t take a laid-back approach to competing in the marketplace. The company strives to continually improve its ability to innovate, optimize channels, deliver a superior experience, and connect with customers.

Smart Wine Shelves And Connected Cows: The IoT Has Arrived

27-Nov-2017 | Fatih Kayadelen | SAP Hybris

Now is the time to implement IoT technologies. Here are a few examples of innovative IoT applications.

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