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Unlocking The Data Challenge: Excellence (Part 4)

16-Jan-2020 | Christian Thisgaard | SAP Experience Management

Analyzing past failures confirms that the challenge of turning data into action is very different from the earlier process-optimization initiatives.

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Unlocking The Data Promise: The IT Lifecycle Challenge (Part 3)

9-Jan-2020 | Christian Thisgaard | SAP Experience Management

Technologies move from incubation to commoditization at different paces, but ERP stands out as an anomaly in the standardization quadrant.

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Unlocking The Data Promise: Data-To-Outcome Challenges (Part 2)

2-Jan-2020 | Christian Thisgaard | SAP Experience Management

Turning data into action requires a platform that can connect all data assets, analyze different data in context, and feed insights into business processes.

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