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CFO guides marketers on experience management strategies

How CFOs Can Help Organizations Break Free Of Silos Through Experience Management

1-Oct-2019 | Vaag Durgaryan | SAP Experience Management

CFOs are in the perfect position to help organizations improve overall performance by fostering communication and collaboration across the enterprise.

IT specialist test user interface of mobile app

How To Build Trust Through Personalization

1-Oct-2019 | Mala Anand | SAP Experience Management

Companies that have found the right balance between personalization and privacy are those that have a single-minded focus on their customer.

Store employee rearranges inventory on shelves to ensure a good customer experience

Is The Best Customer Experience Always The Right Customer Experience?

22-Aug-2019 | Jennifer Arnold | SAP Experience Management

A brand needs to stay true to its value propositions and provide the whatever customers most value about it.

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