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How-To Guide: Determine Which Integrations To Build

11-Mar-2019 | Brian Wones | SAP Cloud Platform

This guide will help your product team figure out which integrations will deliver the most value for you and your customers.

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Why A Fit-To-Standard Mindset Matters In An Era Of Change

4-Mar-2019 | Daniel LoPolito | SAP Cloud Platform

By keeping core systems and applications as close to standard as possible, model-company services can help businesses overcome cost and disruption challenges.

ISV, cloud, software as a service, intelligent enterprise, PaaS, platform as a service, SaaS, platform

Why Platforms Are Critical When Building For The Intelligent Enterprise

25-Feb-2019 | Manju Bansal | SAP Cloud Platform

Interviews with independent software vendors demonstrate the crucial role that a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) plays in accelerating digital transformation.

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