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2020 Predictions For Procurement, Supply Chain, Business, And More

16-Jan-2020 | Geraldine Lim | SAP Ariba

We asked our global leaders for their perspectives on what to watch for in 2020. Here is what they had to say.

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What Murmuration And Supply Chain Collaboration Have In Common (Part 3)

16-Jan-2020 | Falko Feldchen | SAP Ariba

The right business network allows for different processes and technologies and will help your supply chain “flock of starlings” behave like a real flock.

CFO speaks to supplier on the phone in her office

Building A Network One Node At A Time

8-Jan-2020 | James Marland | SAP Ariba

Business networks may promise efficiency, but the real value of these connections is the intelligence they can yield.

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