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Hiker in mid-air jump over mountain creek

Fail Fast, Fail Often, And Fail Forward In Digital Selling

19-Sep-2019 | Arif Johari | Sales Strategy

Mistakes and failures are inevitable; how you respond to them translates to your success in digital selling.

Customer reads his Linked InMail messages on a mobile device

Digital Selling Hacks And Hustles For Closing Your Next Deal

11-Jul-2019 | Arif Johari | Sales Strategy

LinkedIn offers multiple avenues to cut through your prospects' inbox clutter and build your reputation as a trusted member of their community.

marketing team discusses improvements to customer experience

Three Ways To Influence How Your Organization Views Customers

26-Jun-2019 | Stephanie Thum, CCXP | Sales Strategy

Practical tips to influence and build a customer-centric mindset.

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