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CFO guide line of business managers through a predictive report of financial risk and opportunity

How CFOs Are Successfully Navigating The New Reality Of Uncertainty And Change

6-Feb-2020 | Mark Partin | Role Of CFOs

Six ways forward-thinking CFOs aren’t just acknowledging uncertainty; they are proactively leveraging what seems like chaos into a strategic advantage.

finance executive presents data to finance team in a meeting room

The New Chief Financial Officer Thinks Like A Chief Data Officer

13-Jan-2020 | Hendrik Vordenbaeumen | Role Of CFOs

As finance managers look to become CFOs and current CFOs look to be change agents in their organization, here are four ways to set themselves up for success.

financial leaders reviews business performance dat on his laptop

Becoming A Digital Enterprise: The Role Of The CFO

17-Dec-2019 | Christian Brandl | Role Of CFOs

Digital transformation vests unique power in CFOs' hands and marks a new era for their role in the enterprise.

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