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Automation, Simulation, And Talent Management For Finance

15-Mar-2018 | Tony Klimas | role of CFOs

Think about the changes impacting your workforce and how you can be creative in ensuring your people have what they need to help your businesses succeed in a digital economy that requires all of us to be at the top of our game.

Technology, Transformation, And The CFO

8-Mar-2018 | Joel Bernstein | role of CFOs

The challenge in a digital economy characterized by constant innovation is to constantly examine how change might impact these controls. The challenge for finance is to play steward in a way that doesn’t stifle innovation.

New Technologies And Opportunities For Professional Services CFOs

8-Mar-2018 | Marcus Fischer | role of CFOs

To stay ahead of the competition and continue to move forward, the time to look at Big Data, predictive analytics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence for your financial processes is now.

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