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Finance team benefit from the insight generated through RPA to handle cash management

Attended On Desktops? Unattended On Servers? RPA Is A Continuum! Part 4

17-Jun-2019 | Pierre Col | Robotic Process

Far from being entrenched between two opposing approaches, RPA is a continuum that contributes agility and efficiency to organizations' digital transformation.

RPA, robotic process automation, automation, AI, intelligent technology, customer service

Intelligent RPA: How Software Robots “Augment Humans” In Services (Part 3)

10-Jun-2019 | Pierre Col | Robotic Process

Robotic process automation provides better, more efficient customer service while giving employees opportunities for higher-level job duties.

RPA, robotic process automation, automation, AI, intelligent technology

How Does Robotic Process Automation Become Intelligent? Part 2

3-Jun-2019 | Pierre Col | Robotic Process

Explore the future of RPA with Sebastian Schrötel, SAP’s head of intelligent robotic process automation.

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