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Smiling woman sitting at the window using laptop

How Machine Learning Is Transforming Finance Operations

17-Sep-2019 | Agnieszka Palonek | Robotic Process Automation

Machine learning represents a complete game-changer in improving finance processes. Here are three questions to ask before you start developing a solution.

Forklift moves a pallet of products in a warehouse

The Future Of IoT Isn’t A Tech Strategy – It’s A Business One

27-Aug-2019 | Marc Teerlink | Robotic Process Automation

The cost of IoT tech has decreased to the point that the retail supply chain can see a ROI measured in months, not years – and not just for luxury goods.

CIO in a hotel lobby tests RPA capabilities on his mobile device

Automate Your Enterprise IT Support With Intelligent RPA And Conversational AI Bots

20-Aug-2019 | Pierre Col | Robotic Process Automation

Two technologies perfectly show how human expertise and computer insights can build the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow.

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